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PanzerGlass™ PC Dual Privacy™ Solutions protect your privacy and the confidential and sensitive data on your PC. The screen is only visible when viewed from the front – not from the right or left, thus shielding the content of the screen from bystanders and curious eyes. A great match for companies working with sensitive and confidential data. Sensitive data can be found across departments in modern companies, right from HR to Sales and Finance, making the PanzerGlass™ Dual Privacy™ Filter a relevant product for employees throughout the company structure.

The PanzerGlass™ Dual Privacy™ Filter is attached with hooks, meaning it can be applied in seconds.


Why choose PanzerGlass™ PC Dual Privacy™?

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Get in touch if you want to know more about PanzerGlass™ PC Dual Privacy™ Solutions. Please note that PanzerGlass™ Privacy Solutions cover all device types, see more here

Our PC Privacy Filters are compatible with a number of PC brands and models. See if our privacy filters will fit your PC by choosing one of the sizes below:


13" Privacy Filters


14" Privacy Filters


15" Privacy Filters


Are you interested in PanzerGlass™ Dual Privacy™ but does your PC not appear on any of the compatibility lists?

We offer customized models and sizes for our PC Privacy Filter. 

PanzerGlass™ offer a unique bulk packaging solution with slimmer boxes for B2B customers. A perfect solution for companies interested in saving money and storage space.


Contact our B2B team for more information about bulk packaging and customized products on b2b@panzerglass.com