About Us


In 2013, the Danish start-up PanzerGlass launched its new and exclusive protectors for tablets as well as mobile phones. Today, PanzerGlass has grown to a global company with more than 80 employees, present in 63 different markets.

Over the years, PanzerGlass has become a synonym with superior screen protectors for mobile devices. We can practically protect all your devices; laptops, smartphones, tablets, displays in cars, and smartwatches. Today PanzerGlass is one of the leading screen protection brands in the world.


We are proud of driving the development of the screen protector category globally.  We are constantly investing in innovation and development, while listening to our customers’ and consumers’ needs, to be able to secure progress and maintain our position as one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality screen protectors.

PanzerGlass is a part of the Juhl Bach Holding, one of the largest family-owned holding companies in Denmark. Juhl Bach Holding specializes in venture operations and has an interesting portfolio of companies, ranging from start-ups to mature companies.



PanzerGlass is taking responsibility and is finding sustainable solutions.

We’re in business to protect both screens and the planet.

We protect both screens and the planet. As a global business, we believe we have a responsibility to find sustainable solutions in everything we do. Not only are we protecting screens, but also the planet and environment. The less devices we throw away due to broken screens, the less resources are needed to make new ones, thus the negative environmental impact is limited. So, by adding screen protection to your devices, you are also taking responsibility for our planet.

One of our recent initiatives is a new and greener packaging, reducing the use of plastic with more than 50%. We have changed the EVA foam in our inner trays to a greener alternative and made our cleaning set bag is made in a 100% compostable material. On top, we have removed the outer plastic.

Our journey for a greener planet started years ago – Lets continue this journey and take responsibility together.

 Watch our video below and find out more about our green sustainable solutions.