When did you last clean your phone?

When did you last clean your phone?

You may not think about it in your everyday life, but our mobile phones and tablets get very dirty from all the time they spend in our hands, mobile phone holders in cars, and in bags and pockets. They collect dirt and bacteria everywhere. Therefore, it is important to clean them daily.


Finding the right screen cleaner is not easy, as it’s important to find an effective screen cleaner which does not contain harmful substances for either you or your phone. For this reason, we have developed the Spray Twice A Day screen cleaner. It effectively cleans surfaces and screens of dirt and bacteria without the use of alcohol, perfume, ammonia, etc. The active substances are all of sustainable origin and are often used in other hygiene and cosmetic products.


This is important for you and your skin, as the phone is in contact with the skin often. However, it is also important for the phone itself, as alcohol and similar substances can break down the oleophobic layer, which is found on almost all smartphone screens, over time. The oleophobic layer ensures the non-greasy effect on the glass, so that fingerprints cannot be seen, and the glass is smooth to the touch. An intact oleophobic layer is therefore a large part of the user experience of your smartphone.


It’s also good for the environment that we together try to limit the use of alcohol in the cleaning of smartphones, as alcohol and similar substances are known as harsh agents.


Our screen cleaner is approved by the authorities


Our screen cleaner is approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency as a disinfecting antibacterial screen cleaner that effectively removes dirt and bacteria from the phone's surface. This means that when you use our screen cleaner, 99.999% of the bacteria on the surface of the phone are eliminated within 5 minutes. This guarantees you a clean phone within minutes.


The Danish Environmental Protection Agency's approval follows European legislation, which applies throughout Europe and is difficult to obtain, as products with this approval must meet a number of strict quality requirements. They are, for example, assessed in relation to human health, harmfulness to the environment, as well as their effectiveness as a disinfectant.


With the approval of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, we have documentation that states our screen cleaner meets these requirements. We are very happy and proud of this, and hope it helps you choose between the many screen cleaners available on the market.


If you are interested in seeing more about how effective Spray Twice A Day is, you can watch this video:


The screen cleaner can be used to clean surfaces and all screens on phones, tablets, TVs, displays in cars, etc. It is very easy to use the screen cleaner: Spray two or four times on the cloth included and clean the screen. Turn the cloth over and polish the screen afterwards. You can use the cloth several times and wash it at 30-60 oC. At 60 oC, the colour of the cloth may fade.


Take care of yourself and your phone with Spray Twice A Day antibacterial screen cleaner. Spray Twice A Day is available in four different sizes from €6,95, both here on the website and in several stores where you usually buy PanzerGlass.


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