PanzerGlass™ screen protector – Made & Designed for Nokia phones

PanzerGlass™ screen protector – Made & Designed for Nokia phones

For us, a screen protector’s main task is to protect your screen from bumps and shocks. But it’s also very important to us that you, as a user, have a positive experience and that the screen protector doesn’t have a negative effect on your phone’s functions and usability. That’s why we are constantly working to create the best possible products that ensure the best screen protection as well as the best possible user experience.

The above applies to all of the brands we provide products for, including Nokia.


PanzerGlass™ for Nokia phones

Over time, Nokia has supplied the market with a number of popular phone models and has contributed to the development and distribution of the smartphones we know today. As a result, Nokia has gained many loyal customers and users who still want the great Nokia quality when buying a phone. That’s why we at PanzerGlass are proud and happy to be able to present a strategic collaboration with HMD Global, known as "The Home of Nokia Phones".


What does this collaboration mean for you?

In order to produce the best possible screen protection, it’s important to be well-informed about how each phone is designed. The collaboration between Nokia and ourselves ensures that we have access to this knowledge and that PanzerGlass products for Nokia phones are therefore thoroughly tested. So when you buy our Nokia screen protectors, you know that the product has been tested and approved by our partner for each phone model, which means you are guaranteed a quality product.


We offer screen protectors for several Nokia models, and you can recognise the products made as a result of this collaboration by the statement on the box that the product is "Designed & Made for Nokia phones".


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