Can others see what you’re doing when you use your MacBook?

Can others see what you’re doing when you use your MacBook?

Have you ever had the feeling that others were looking at your screen while you were working on your MacBook? Put MacBook Privacy on your MacBook and others will see only a dark screen, while you will still be able to see everything.

We talk a lot about the importance of strong passwords on our phones, Macs, etc. But what about security in situations where you open your MacBook or phone yourself to use in public and others are able to look at what you’re doing? In this case, it’s up to you to do something to limit how much others can see.

In this video, we meet people who have experienced being able to look at others’ screens or others looking at their screens over their shoulders on the train.



Do you use your MacBook around others?

Laptops such as MacBooks allow us to be much more mobile, and most people use the MacBook both at home and in public. This can be at a workplace, at school, for conferences, meetings, on the train, on a plane, or at a café.

This allows for a great deal of flexibility and freedom, to be able to decide for yourself when and where you want to be connected. But it also means that private and confidential information is no longer limited to your home or your workplace. You have it all on your MacBook, and when you work on the train, for example, a curious fellow passenger can watch as you check Instagram, write emails, look through applications, give your presentation the final touches, etc. These are all things you would probably rather keep to yourself, and you can with the MacBook Privacy Filter from PanzerGlass™!


How does the MacBook Privacy Filter work?

MacBook Privacy protection attaches to the screen with magnets, covering the entire screen. Our privacy filter restricts the flow of light from the screen when viewed from the side. That way, the screen will look dark to the person sitting next to you, but will be just as normal for you sitting right in front of the screen.

Here, see how easy it is to put MacBook Privacy on your Mac, as well as what the screen will look like to you and the person next to you.




As you can also see in the video, we recommend that you put the MacBook Privacy Filter in the sleeve that comes with your MacBook Privacy Filter after use. This way you don’t risk any scratches when the filter is not in use.


No more Post-its on your webcam: CamSlider™ gives you control over your webcam

In addition to protecting your privacy when using your MacBook around others, there is also a built-in CamSlider™ on our privacy filter. CamSlider™ gives you control over when and where your webcam is opened. Simply push the CamSlider™ in front of or away from your webcam as desired.

There has long been a focus on open webcams, and we have seen many creative solutions to cover the camera with everything from patches, chewing gum and Post-its. With our MacBook Privacy Filter, you get double protection of your privacy, as you can be sure it’s only you who sees the screen when you are out and about, and at the same time, you are in control of when your webcam is open. We call this Dual Privacy™  Screen protection with both a privacy filter and CamSlider™ is available for smartphones, tablets, laptops and Microsoft Surface


See our MacBook Privacy Filter in all sizes 


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