Guide: How to remove dust under your PanzerGlass™ screen protector

Guide: How to remove dust under your PanzerGlass™ screen protector

When installing PanzerGlass™ screen protectors on a smartphone or another device, there may be a risk of dust sticking to the adhesive. You may see dust just after installation and it will typically look like a small bubble with a little dot in the centre of the bubble. The small speck of dust will prevent the screen protector from sealing the screen completely, and thus there will be some air around the bit of dust.

In most cases, dust will not affect functionality. But it will be visible, particularly when the screen is turned off, and this is why many people want to remove it. To help with this, we have created this guide. On this page you will find a video guide which will show you the process step by step.


General advice for removing dust under a PanzerGlass™ 

Before you start, we recommend following these general tips:

  • Find a place with little air flow to reduce dust in the air, e.g., close windows and doors and wait a few minutes for any dust to settle.
  • Have your Dust Remover strip ready. You will be holding the screen protector in one hand during the process; hence it may be difficult to get the strip from the box. The Dust Remover is included in the box of your PanzerGlass.
  • To remove the dust, lift the screen protector off the phone. Be sure to hold the backside (the sticky side) of the screen protector facing downwards all the time to minimize the risk of more dust settling.
    • Don’t worry about PanzerGlass not sticking well enough anymore after the reinstallation. The adhesive is strong enough to withstand several reinstallations.
  • When removing the dust, it is important not to touch the sticky side with your fingers to avoid unevenness in the adhesive. Instead, use the included Dust Remover to remove the dust.


Step-by-step guide: How to remove dust under PanzerGlass™ screen protector





Step 1: Locate the dust

Step 2: Prepare the Dust Remover strip. Separate the front from the back and attach about 1/3 of the sticky part to the non-sticky part, giving you a ‘handle’ to hold and a relatively large sticky surface to remove the dust. Place the Dust Remover on the table with the sticky side up.

Step 3: Now remove the screen protector from the telephone by gently detaching it with a fingernail and lifting it off completely. NOTE – always hold the sticky side facing down towards the phone to avoid more dust settling on it and hold it only on the sides. Do not touch the sticky side of the screen protector with your fingers.

Step 4: Use the sticky side of the Dust Remover to remove the dust on the backside of the screen protector. Use it several times wherever there is dust.

Step 5: Once the dust is removed you can reattach the screen protector to the screen. Use cameras/speakers/censors etc. as pointers to attach the screen protector correctly. To ensure the screen protector sticks, run a finger along the two short sides and one long side. This way the screen protector will stick and settle on the other long side without air bubbles.

Step 6: Use the included microfiber cloth to make sure the screen protector sits tightly at the edges.


That’s it – you’ve removed the dust from your PanzerGlass.


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