PanzerGlass™ Automotive Volkswagen Golf, Polo, Passat, Tiguan with Discover Pro 9,2” Anti-glare

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SKU: 3624

The PanzerGlass™ screen protector for VW Discover Pro 9,2” has the same features as the original PanzerGlass™ screen protector and shields the car's display. The screen is thus protected from scratches created by, for example, keys, so the display functionality is always ensured.

Screen protectors for your car will reduce expensive screen display repairs. At the same time, your display will remain 100% functional, as the touch functionality will stay completely intact.

PanzerGlass™ has an anti-glare layer that minimizes the sun's reflection on the screen.

With PanzerGlass™ protection, the display in the car can now be protected in the same way you protect everything else in and around your car.

Installing the PanzerGlass™ for the car display is as easy as fitting one on a phone.


Compatible with Volkswagen Golf, Polo, Passat, Tiguan models from 2017 and newer with a 9,2” Discover Pro Display



  • Resistant to scratches
  • 100% touch
  • Anti-glare glass
  • Protects the entire screen
  • Crystal clear
  • Easy to install
  • Original PanzerGlass™

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