PanzerGlass™ Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 1 | Laptop Go 2

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SKU: 6259

The ultimate screen protection for Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 1 and Laptop Go 2. PanzerGlass™ screen protector is made of flat tempered glass and covers the entire front surface of the device. The glass features full silicone adhesive which is carefully optimised to match the screen and device perfectly whilst saving perfect touch sensitivity and still delivering the superior PanzerGlass™ strength.

At the same time, this glass is resistant to bacteria, as an antibacterial coating has been applied to the glass. This antibacterial coating helps you as a user to be protected against bacteria and dirt, as our antibacterial glass kills bacteria and removes other dirt that may get on the glass. 

The coating is not dangerous to humans or our skin. It is food-approved and approved for use in the EU (BPR) and USA (EPA). 


• Antibacterial glass 
• Protects the entire screen 
• Crystal clear 
• 100% touch 
• Resistant to scratches and bacteria 
• Shock absorbing 
• Easy to install 
• Original PanzerGlass ™ 

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