PanzerGlass™ GraphicPaper Apple iPad Pro 11" (2020/2021) & iPad Air (2020) - Paper Feel

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PanzerGlass GraphicPaper for Apple iPad Pro 11" (2020/2021) and iPad Air (2020) , is designed to recreate paper texture and tested by creatives of all ages and levels. A new premium solution within paper feel screen protectors.  GraphicPaper is ideal for creative work, school work, taking notes, sketching, drawing, or just playing with your iPad 

GraphicPaper - designed for drawing, sketching, writing, and creating on your iPad  

Installation guide




  • Paper Texture 
  • Scratch Ressistant  
  • Anti Glare 
  • 100% Touch 
  • Easy to Attach  
  • Fingerprint Resistant  
  • Original PanzerGlass™ 


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