PanzerGlass™ takes responsibility and seek out sustainable solutions.  

We’re in the business of protecting both screens and the planet.  

We protect both screens and the planet. As a global business, we believe that we have a responsibility to find sustainable solutions in everything we do. Not only do we protect screens, but also the planet and environment. The fewer devices we throw away because of broken screens, the fewer resources are needed to make new ones, thus limiting the negative impact on the environment. So, by adding screen protection to your devices, you are also playing your part in protecting the planet.  

One of our recent initiatives has been to introduce greener packaging that reduces the use of plastic by more than 50%. We have swapped the EVA foam in our inner trays for a greener alternative and our cleaning set now comes in a bag made of 100% compostable material. We have also removed the outer plastic.  

Our journey towards a greener planet began many years ago – let’s continue on this journey and take responsibility together. 

Watch above video to find out more about our sustainable solutions.