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At PanzerGlass™ we are experts in screen and privacy protection plus other products to help extend the life of your devices and business accessories. Helping businesses has been a part of PanzerGlass™ since the beginning, and throughout the years, we have helped many businesses protect their devices and their data worldwide and it would be our pleasure to provide your business with the protection you need

    Prolong the life of your devices

    By applying a PanzerGlass screen protector, a company’s mobile devices will be protected from scratches and scuff marks, etc. This will save the business repair costs, as the need for screen repairs, replacements or the purchase of a new device will decrease. In addition to these expenses, valuable work time is also lost when employees are without their device due to repairs.
    Also as a company, PanzerGlass not only wants to save your devices but also the planet, we take responsibility when it comes to sustainability. One of our initiatives is a more environmentally-friendly packaging solution for our products. For example, we have reduced the use of disposable plastic by 50% and developed a bag for our cleaning tools made from 100% compostable material. We do this because at PanzerGlass we care about sustainability.

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    Bang & Olufsen

    We would like to avoid having to carry out glass repairs on our mobile phone screens,
    and so we have partnered with PanzerGlass™ to use their Premium solutions with Apple
    iPhones, amongst others. PanzerGlass™ screen protectors are a much cheaper option
    than repairing the original glass, and the time required to replace a broken PanzerGlass™
    screen protector is minimal, and can be handled locally with the user. We have had very
    positive feedback from our employees about PanzerGlass™ solutions, and have also
    experienced extremely good service in our co-operation with PanzerGlass™ .

    / Thomas Kaaber, Senior Manager, Bang & Olufsen A/S, Denmark


    We have recently partnered with PanzerGlass™ and their team is very helpful and professional.
    They have done a great job in establishing the brand across the region and we are very
    pleased joining hands with them in GCC. The range in PanzerGlass™ is huge and we are excited
    to have them across our retail channel. We wish the entire team of PanzerGlass™ much
    success and all the best for future.

    / Dushyant Nagpal, LimeConcept, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Privacy Solutions

    Today, a lot of sensitive and confidential business information is digital and stored on your mobile devices, and is therefore possible to be viewed by not only the device user. Today’s workforce is very flexible, with employees able to work from anywhere. However, this means that company data is no longer kept within the four walls of the workplace, but can instead be found across devices and often in public places, i.e. trains, open offices, at meetings or conferences making them non GDPR compliant. To protect content on screens from prying eyes, PanzerGlass™ Privacy Solutions offers a privacy feature that blurs the screen’s content for the people next to it. The person using the screen will be able to view the content normally, whereas the person next to it will only be able to see a dark screen. Privacy filters are available for smartphones, tablets, Microsoft Surface, and laptops.

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    Protect your devices and data

    At PanzerGlass™, we are experts in screen and privacy protection and business accessories. Helping businesses has been a part of PanzerGlass™ since the beginning, and over the years, we have helped many businesses protect both their devices and data worldwide. We provide a wide range of protective products for mobile devices, Laptops, MacBook’s and Tablets. We can customise your chosen products with you company logo for that extra touch. Because PanzerGlass™ offers a wide range of products, from screen protection and covers, to power cables. Having one provider of all these products ensures complete compatibility. With PanzerGlass there is no risk of having a cable that cannot be used with a particular case, or a case that cannot be combined with the screen protector. A situation such as this would be a waste of time and money, and will not occur with a comprehensive solution from PanzerGlass™.

    Tailor-made products for businesses

    We can tailor a comprehensive solution according to your needs and wishes. Contact us for further information about our products and solutions, and hear about how we can help your business.

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    Contact us to see how PanzerGlass can help you save money and protect your data

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    PanzerGlass Business Solutions

    PanzerGlass protects companies’ screens – and reduces employee downtime


    The Danish company PanzerGlass was established in 2013, offering the highest quality screen protection from the outset. Providing businesses with screen protection has always been a part of PanzerGlass’ market approach. Modern businesses today make a large number of devices available to their employees. As a result, IT is a substantial investment/expense within many companies and minimising repair costs for mobile phone screens is something businesses will benefit greatly from. In addition, the large, and perhaps slightly overlooked, thing about PanzerGlass screen protection is that PanzerGlass helps ensure that company employees always have functional devices available to them. This ensures high efficiency levels, as opposed to having employees without access to e.g. a smartphone while it is being repaired, which could take up to several days. These days, mobile devices are a big part of our everyday lives, and many employee phones are also used privately, thereby becoming a household object which is subject to impact, shock and loss. PanzerGlass protects screens during daily life – helping companies ensure low repair costs and higher efficiency.




    How does PanzerGlass screen protection work?

    PanzerGlass screen protectors are installed on top of the device’s original screen, thus acting as a kind of “airbag” for the original screen. – If you’re out of luck and the phone suffers a shock or blow, the PanzerGlass provides protection by absorbing the impact so that the original screen does not become damaged, or in the most extreme cases, breaks and must be repaired. (insert link to PanzerGlass products).




    PanzerGlass is much more than screen protection

    PanzerGlass have a very innovative approach to product development and want to deliver products that make life easier for users. At a time when more and more employees have flexible working lives, with access to work on mobile devices, this means that company data and information exists on a wide range of devices, and that these devices are often used in public spaces. The large, bright screens on smartphones, laptops, etc., can therefore pose a risk as others may be able to see the screen. To avoid this, PanzerGlass offers privacy filters for phones, tablets, laptops and MacBooks. Privacy filters ensure that only the person using the laptop, for example, can see the content on the screen. People next to the device, such as those seated on trains, planes, at meetings, or conferences, are only able to see a dark screen. In this way, it becomes safe for company employees to work with sensitive information in public spaces, without worrying about unauthorized access to confidential information. As an extra feature, Dual Privacy is also offered, where, in addition to the privacy filter, CamSlider is also available. With this feature, the user can control where and when the front camera is opened or closed; further safeguarding of the security and privacy of both the employee and company. (insert link to dual privacy and privacy products).


    PanzerGlass has a very wide range of smartphone screen protection. PanzerGlass covers all the major brands and models and offers both screen protection and covers for smartphones. PanzerGlass ClearCase ensures protection of exposed edges, as well as the back of the telephone. Many of the newer smartphones have glass on the back, and replacing this can be very expensive, which is why protecting it is also worth considering for companies. Panzer ClearCase is manufactured with a PanzerGlass backing, so that the back can also benefit from the well-known PanzerGlass protection. Since the back is made from glass, the design of the phone is not hidden, and the user can therefore continue to enjoy the phone’s great design. (insert link to ClearCase products). PanzerGlass ClearCase is of course 100% compatible with PanzerGlass screen protection, meaning the user experience is top notch.



    How does PanzerGlass differ from other screen protectors?

    PanzerGlass differentiates itself from competitors by being of the highest quality and able to protect all devices, and with our selection of Cases, the entire smartphone can be protected in PanzerGlass quality. PanzerGlass screen protectors for smartphones and tablets are made of glass, rather than PET film or other less strong materials. Everything from the dimensions of the glass and its rounded corners to the coating are optimized to ensure the best protection and user experience.

    PanzerGlass ensures that all functionality continues to work after screen protection and case are applied – even wireless charging works with our ClearCase, and Microsoft Surface users can still use the Surface pen with PanzerGlass installed.

    As a company, PanzerGlass takes great responsibility when it comes to sustainability. One of our initiatives is a more environmentally friendly packaging solution for our products. For example, we have reduced the use of disposable plastic by 50% and developed a bag for our cleaning tools in 100% compostable material. We do this because at PanzerGlass, we want to protect both screens and our planet.